Can Robot Vacuums Go from Hardwood to Carpet – Best Way 2023

Knowing whether a Robot vacuums go from hardwood to carpet is important. If some parts of your home are carpeted and some parts with hardwood. So that you don’t make costly mistakes while trying to make your cleaning easier. So, does it?

Robot vacuums can go from hardwood to carpet. Most robot vacuums can transition between different flooring without any issues. They are equipped with sensors that adjust the suctioning power depending on the type of floor or surface on which they are placed.

While robot vacuums can go from hardwood to carpet and vice versa, you must note that some lower-end models may struggle with transitioning between the two types of floors.

Of course, there is so much left that you need to understand regarding robot vacuums on different floors. In this article, I will discuss can robot vacuums go from hardwood to carpet, including the best models suitable for transitioning between the different floor types, among other valuable insights.

Hardwood Floors Vs Carpet

There are a few insights to note when comparing hardwood vs. carpet floors. Hardwood floors are easier to keep clean but can be more expensive. The carpet is often more comfortable but can be harder to keep clean.

Thus, when you want to have your robot vacuum transition from hardwood to carpet, there are important things you should note:

  • Some robot vacuums need special care when transitioning between different flooring. Consult your vacuum’s manual to see if there are any special instructions you need to follow.
  • You need to know the different brush heads available for robot vacuums. Some brush heads are better suited for hardwood floors, while others work better on carpets. Make sure you choose the right brush head that can work on both surfaces.
  • You need to adjust the vacuum settings. You will need to increase the suction power for carpets, as they are thicker and need more force to clean.
  • Be aware of your vacuum’s brush roll. Some models have a separate brush roll for hardwood floors and carpets, while others have one that can be used for both. Check your model’s specifications so you know which brush roll to use.
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Can Roomba Go from Hardwood to Carpet?

Yes, Roomba can go from hardwood to carpet. Roomba uses a combination of sensors and brushes to clean your floors. The sensors help it avoid obstacles and furniture and transition from hardwood to carpet, while the brushes work together to loosen, lift, and suction all dirt and debris.

It is important to note the following about Roomba while on hardwood or while on carpet:

  • While on the hardwood, Roomba’s spinning side brush sweeps debris toward the centre of the robot, where the 3-stage cleaning system can suction it away. The rollers also have a gentle back-and-forth motion that helps loosen stubborn dirt and dust.
  • On carpets, Roomba’s powerful suction grabs hold of dirt, dust mites, and other allergens that can be hidden deep within your carpet fibres. Also, to the vacuuming action, Roomba’s brush system works to lift embedded dirt for a thorough clean.

When vacuuming, you need to ensure the following:

  • Remove any loose debris or obstacles from your floors before running Roomba. This will help prevent the vacuum from getting stuck or damaged.
  • Use the included brush roll attachment for carpeted surfaces. This will help loosen and lift stubborn dirt and dust particles that can get embedded in carpet fibres.

Overall, using Roomba on both hardwood and carpet is perfectly fine. You may only need to take a few extra precautions mentioned above when transitioning between floor types.

Which Robot Vacuum Is Best for Hardwood Floors and Carpet?

Before making your decision on which robot vacuum will suit your needs. Check on the different factors, including:


For the hardwood floors, you will need a vacuum that suits hardwood or the type of surface you want. The same goes for carpet–if your floor is carpeted, choose a vacuum designed for that or one that can handle these different surfaces.

The size of your home

For a large home, you will need a vacuum that can cover all the floor areas. For smaller homes, a more compact vacuum might be a better option.

Having known what to consider, there are choices on the market that are designed for hardwood floors and carpets. In this article, I have only identified two that can work well for hardwood and carpet, but they are not limited to that. It includes:

  • iRobot Roomba 980 is one option with multi-surface brushes that can handle both surfaces.
  • Neato Botvac D80 is also an option with a combo brush specifically made to suit all kinds of hardwood floors and low-pile carpets.

Both options are great choices for homes with hardwood floors and carpets. They both offer powerful suction and will clean your hardwood and carpets perfectly.

Using Robot Vacuums on Hardwoods and Carpet

For both hardwood and carpet in your home, what’s the best way to keep your floors clean? The key is to use your robotic vacuum on the right setting for each type of flooring.

  • When cleaning hardwood, use the vacuum’s bare floor setting. This will ensure that the spinning brushes keep your floors intact.
  • When cleaning the carpet, use the vacuum’s carpet setting. This will turn off the spinning brushes and allow the vacuum’s suction power to do its job without damaging your carpets.

Conclusion About Robot Vacuums Go from Hardwood to Carpet

Overall, many robot vacuums can transition between hardwood and carpeted floors. Of course, it is not enough to know but to use that knowledge to choose the right model and brush head that will work for your needs.

The two models I mentioned, based on my research, the iRobot Roomba 980, and the Neato Botvac D80, are some of the best examples that can go from hardwood to carpet or from carpet to hardwood without any issue.

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