How Can I Make My Robot Vacuum Smell Better?

Robot vacuum is a modern device that can clean your house and give you a fresh feeling. The sensitive technique must be maintained nicely so that you can use them for a long time.

After using it for a while some of the models get smelly. The smell is unwanted for many users especially with the bagged ones.

Actually, the robot vacuum should remove bad smell but instead it gives a smell of its own for lack of proper maintenance.

Some procedures can be followed to get rid of the unwanted odor that comes out from a used robot vacuum cleaner

How To Make Robot Vacuum Smell Better

Home Remedies Like Cinnamon

Among all other spices, cinnamon is considered to be one of the most odor masking ingredients that is used all over the world. It can absorb odor nicely and give a cool fragrance. It can handle the smell of dust and helps to clean the environment fresh.

You may not need to go to the supermarket, just get it from your kitchen. This would be a life saver instead of any kind of perfume. Just spread some cinnamon powder into the robot vacuum tank. 

Perfume Pads

For removing unwanted odor from your robot vacuum you can think about perfume pads. They are specially made pads that deal with unwanted odor so that the environment stays fresh.

Multiple fragrances are available for your consideration. Make sure everybody in your house likes it. After buying, tear the plastic up, keep it in the robotic vacuum cleaner and turn the device on.

The smell will mask odor and eliminate nice smell as air flows from the cleaner out of the environment. 

Clean the Filters Manually

In many machines, there are filters that can remove dirt and other impurities. They help to resist dirt from escaping the device. After using them for a long time they get dirty and out of order. They are required to be changed from time to time. If you like to buy one, get a good quality one.

On average, it could take about a half to an hour to replace the filter. Try to buy exactly the same brand as it will fit exactly with the robotic vacuum cleaner.

A Normal filter won’t give you the job that it is supposed to be. They are supposed to filter dust and airborne elements. 

Clean your Vacuum Often

The vacuum cleaner cleans the room but it also needs to be cleaned too. Clean with another vacuum cleaner. You can use a wet cleaning cloth with soapy water. Wipe the entire thing with the moist cloth. This will remove all the dust and debris from the robot vacuum cleaner.

For wetting the cloth, use baking soda. This works good for cleaning purposes. Wash its filters and bin compartment. After that, wash it with water and then dry. 

Empty the Debris

The maximum odor comes from the debris that stays in the vacuum bin. First of all, clean up the bin from the robot vacuum cleaner. You can have a bag to cover up the odor.

The bag should be recommended by the manufacturer so that it can fit well in the robot vacuum cleaner. Buy good quality bags that have multiple layers on it. Multiple layers will hide the smell that comes out.

After using the cleaner replace bags in between six months. This will depend on how much dirt it can handle. For washable bins, wash it and then dry it. Some units come without bags. In that case, empty the dirt bin, wash it and dry it totally.

Look for the Wheels

Wheels are the moving parts of the unit. They should run smoothly to work the best. For a dirty room it is obvious to get some stuff in the wheel to make it work less. Clean the wheels if they are detachable. Also the side rods and moving motor.  

Reattach them again to work again. If they are not separable, clean it with sharp stuff without harming the device. Do it gently otherwise the warranty could be void. 

Clean the Sensors

It’s good to hold the sensors of a robotic vacuum smooth.It could be blinded by means of a layer of dirt. Find out wherein the sensors are placed by checking the manual or going to the corporation’s website. They have cleaning instructions.

Use a lightly damped melamine foam including a magic Eraser to clean the sensors and the digital camera. Wiping the sensors with a dry material could be. It doesn’t want to be moist.

Don’t clean with soap. Give the sensors an intensive wipe to ensure they’re not covered by dust. Use a barely damp fabric to get it off.

Remove Hair

Hair of humans or puppies varies. It could be caught in a vacuum’s brush roll, aspect brushes and wheels. Removing any hair from the inlets and brush roll is important as it can block airflow and weaken suction units. Robotic vacuums have comb or blades for disposing of hair. Scissors or a kitchen knife work well to get the hair out.

A knife is your quality bet for cutting it loose. For the knife, put it on a flat or hardwood floor. Pull the hair up to get under. Cut into the grooves of the robot brush roll. Tear the relaxation out by using your hand. Use aspect brushes as most just pop off and pull out the hair.

Swap both side brushes till they bend again in the other path. If these strategies don’t work, get a brand new one. They’re inexpensive and smooth to replace. Some manufacturers provide greater brushes within the field.

Take a Look at the Rotating Brush

Hair could get clogged in the rotating electricity attachments. Moreover, hair can be wrapped around the rotating brush that’s transferring along the ground. Those can contribute to the pet scent and have an effect on how the vacuum is operating.

Turn the vacuum over and take a look at something that prevents the comb from spinning freely. It can also abstract the airflow and lower suction. You can use scissors to put off whatever is wrapped around the brush. Look for any wads of hair that can stick.

It’s good to wipe down the unit with soapy water to do away with any layers of dust that are building up.


This is to take away undesirable robot vacuum odors. Always take care of your robot. Make sure that the robotic vacuum is in top operating circumstances. Select scented fragrance pads or about washing.

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