How to Get Rid Unwanted Robot Vacuum Odors – Best Tips 2023

Here, I outlined a large step-by-step guide that can help how to Get Rid Unwanted Robot Vacuum Odors. A robot vacuum can keep your home smelling fresh all day. However, you also have to return the favor by regularly maintaining it. As you already know, the robot vacuum tends to get smelly with time. Particularly with bagged units, the odors can become very disturbing. When you fail to regularly maintain your vacuum cleaner, it starts releasing these foul odors instead of performing its duty of keeping the room surroundings fresh and clean. Since you are now reading my article, you are now in this kind of trouble.

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5 Most Effective Tips to Get Rid Unwanted Robot Vacuum Odors

This 5 most effective step guide will help you get rid of vacuum cleaner odors.

Empty the Debris

Usually, smelly bins are the main cause of a smelling robot vacuum. If you own this unit, start by replacing the bin. Actually, bags are very important in preventing unwanted odors. Be alert about buying only original bags, produced or recommended by the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner.

In fact, some bags have additional filtration layers that limit the smell released by the dirt gathered inside. Normally, bags should be replaced between 1 month to 6 months, depending on their accommodation size and on the regularity of your vacuuming.

Therefore, if you have washable bins, wash and allow them to dry completely. On the contrary, if you own a bagless unit, it is obvious you’ll need to empty the dirt bin, wash it, and allow it to dry completely.

Clean the Vacuum Frequently

Making sure that the robot vacuum is clean is the second step you must take. Start this by moistening a cleaning cloth in fresh soapy water. Then, wipe the entire surface of the robot vacuum thoroughly, to remove dust and another type of dirty stains. Moreover, if you want to be more environmentally friendly, clean the vacuum using baking soda.

Wash your vacuum cleaners hose, filters, and its bin compartment. Then wash these parts using fresh water and then dry.

Note: If you want to make your Roomba vacuum smell nice/good go here because the best tips are here.

Clean the Filters

Generally, your machine has filters that aid in keeping off dirt, dust, and allergens from escaping back into the vacuumed environment. Usually, these filters get old and it may come a time when they require to be changed.

Robot Vacuum filter

Here I must advise that don’t get cheap filters. Because, filters are important, not only for your health but also for the health of your loved ones.

So, you need to change your robot vacuum’s filters every 3 to 12 months. Always buy the recommended parts. Remember, 3rd party products not only have inferior quality but in maximum cases where they don’t even completely match the needed accurate shape, allowing dust and other airborne particles.

Note: if you notice your robot vacuum getting stuck, but don’t know how it happened, please look link for the reason and solution.

Incorporate Perfume Pads

If you haven’t thought before about incorporating perfume pads in your robot vacuum when vacuuming, then it’s time you do. Actually, scented tablets are important, particularly since you are trying to get rid of bad smells.

robot vacuum perfume pads

For myself, I like the lavender or the fresh blue ocean fragrances, I think they are accurate for the vacuuming activity.

But, there are many other types to select from. To be sure to ask all the family members which one they like most, so you won’t end up irritating someone.

Select to buy perfume pads which are scented with your preferred odor. After that, turn on your machine. When it’s on, it releases a gentle and fresh scent as the air passes through the pads.

Use Cinnamon

You might know that cinnamon absorbs bad smells. In fact, the undeniable strong scent of cinnamon has a strong ability to deal with the foul odors of dust particles that your machine picks up during cleaning. If you don’t want to use perfume pads, of course, you can use both, you have to sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon into your robot vacuum tank and that’s it.

On the other hand, if you don’t like the smell of cinnamon, you can try out other ingredients.


I hope you are enjoying this article on how to get rid of unwanted robot vacuum odors. In brief, do not forget to frequently maintain your (Roomba) robot. You can fully enjoy an excellent odor-free clean environment by ensuring that your robot vacuum is in good (smoothly ruuning) working condition. Be sincere about choosing scented perfume pads or about washing.


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