How to Eliminate Pet Odor Smell From Vacuum Cleaner – Top Tricks 2023

It is difficult to get rid of bad smells from a house that has pets. Couple of issues arises concerning pet houses. Pet hair falls apart from their skin a lot. They are tiny to find out. Mold is another thing that we often find in pet houses. We will cover How to Eliminate Pet Odor Smell From Vacuum Cleaner in this post.

Air purifier belts get burnt having too many unwanted particles or dirt. Pet dander is also a matter of concern as that is not visible clearly. Urine odor is difficult to get rid of. 

After vacuuming a carpet that is damp with any undesired fluid can promote mold growth inside the machine’s bag or filter. 

There can be a burned rubber smell if the hair is caught in the bristles. Hair jams motor to rotate. From certain foods, dirt and crumbs can carry their own smells.

How to Remove Pet Odor From a Vacuum Cleaner

Wash out the hose of the vacuum

White Vinegar for Vacuum Cleaning

An effortlessly forgotten supply of smell is the hose. Debris can get stuck there and start to scent. Eliminate it from the vacuum and push a broom take care of it to clear any massive particles.

Then fill a sink approximately 4 inches complete of hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of dish soap and tablespoons of either bleach or Baking Soda and Vinegar. Place the hose in the sink and swish it around to easily internal it.

Then empty the sink and run easy water via the hose to rinse it out. Grasp the hose over a bath curtain rod and dry it for 48 hours earlier than reattach it. We have discussed 5 Best Budget Robot Vacuums Cleaner in another post.

Clean the brushes of the vacuum

It’s an awesome concept to clean the vacuum purifier’s brushes once or twice per year. Especially when you have carpets. Unplug the vacuum. Get scissors to carefully reduce any hair that is stuck in the bristles. If the comb is eliminated from the floor head attachment.

Wash it with cleaning soap or detergent and water. If the brush is not detachable then spray it with water and vinegar. Allow the comb dry for 24 hours before the usage of it.

Wash or replace the filter with a new one

Wipe round it and rinse the clear out with water until the water is apparent if your vacuum has a washer friendly clear out. 

This will take more than five minutes. Dry it out for 24 hours before returning it to the vacuum. Replace it every six to 12 months if your vacuum has a replaceable filter out.

You will probably want to update the filter each six months in case you own pets.

Replace the dust bag or clean the dust bin regularly

Strive to change it with a new one in case your vacuum cleaner has a dust bag. Take it away and wash very well with warm water, cleaning soap and a piece of white vinegar or baking soda if your vacuum has a dust bin.

Commercial deodorants for vacuum cleaner

You can add one tablet or tablespoon of commercial deodorants to the dirt bag or dirt bin. Remember to read the label first before using as all of them might not be appropriate for this purpose. Otherwise, the situation could be worse.

Fabric softener sheets

Place a material softener sheet within the dirt bag, dust bin or inside the interior compartment. Use the vacuum to release the odor from the sheet. This could be an easy solution to get rid of the odor.

Fragrant spices or herbs

Periodically sprinkle half of a tablespoon of home remedies like powdered cinnamon or lemon verbena within the dust bag or dirt bin. Sprinkle the herbs or spices at the carpet before vacuuming if you’re vacuuming darker colored carpets. 

Essential oils

Add approximately 30 drops of a vital oil like lemongrass or thyme to a 32-ounce spray bottle full of water and a teaspoon of baking soda, Oh So Spotless suggests. Spray just a few squirts inside the dust bag or dirt bin. It is good for humans too. 

Baking soda

You can add several teaspoons of baking soda to the dust bag or dust bin. Baking soda also can be sprinkled on the carpet before vacuuming. Wear a glove at the time of using baking soda for its corrosive nature. We have discussed How to Make Bagless Vacuum Smell Better in another post.


How do I get the animal smell out of my vacuum?

Sprinkle the carpet with a thin layer of ordinary baking soda, permit it to remain in the region for about 24 hours, and then vacuum. Baking soda is inexpensive and neutralizes pet odors at the carpet and within the vacuum cleaner.

How do I get the pet smell out of my bagless vacuum cleaner?

Let the carpet stay in its vicinity for one day with the aid of sprinkling it with a skinny layer of baking soda that can be used to take away pet odors from the carpet and vacuum purifier.

How do you add scent to a vacuum cleaner?

In reality, upload a teaspoon of scent directly into your vacuum bag, and vacuum as normal when you have a bagged vacuum. You may upload the despatches directly on your vacuum’s dust cup if you have a bagless vacuum.

Why does carpet smell after vacuuming?

The primary cause of a carpet smelling awful after cleansing is that the backing continues to be wet. It becomes vulnerable to mildew and mold that can cause a musty smell or even be a fitness hazard if the carpet is not dried nicely. Horrific odors ought to disappear once the carpet dries completely.

Does baking soda remove odors from carpet?

Yes, Baking soda is brilliant for casting pet odors out of the carpet additionally thanks to its deoxidizing nature. Just sprinkle the baking soda over the affected location then vacuum it up. We have discussed Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like Fish? in another post.

How to Eliminate Pet Odor Smell From Vacuum Cleaner


Those tips can eliminate odors and preserve your vacuum smelling clean with a touch more effort. Bear in mind professionally cleaning your carpets as soon as it no longer smells like a canine. Hope you understand how to Eliminate Pet Odor Smell From Vacuum cleaner in this post.

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