How to Make Bagless Vacuum Smell Better

You might need guidelines on how to de-stink and deodorize bagless vacuum in case you are wondering why your bagless vacuum cleaner smells horrific or smell like burning. Such bags are liable for the foul scent that emanates out of your device while it’s going for walks.

In case you fail to deep clean your vacuum often or do not empty the bag, it may stink genuinely terrible. Full canisters and grimy and clogged filters are the root causes. Bagless vacuums start to stink over time if the canister is not emptied & the filters aren’t wiped clean frequently.

The vacuum may additionally scent like a canine in case your canine’s hair is causing the clogging or scent like vomit for lack of proper cleaning.

Why do bagless vacuum purifiers smell like toes, pets or vomit?

To get rid of the feet, vomit or dog-like odor from your vacuum purifier, first perceive the supply of the horrific smell. Here’s some points of a number of the viable causes of the scent.

1. Clogged Brush Area

Brush is positioned at the bottom of the vacuum that is chargeable for the fluffy appearance your carpet receives after vacuuming. It can dig into the carpet fibers to fluff them. Particles may additionally pile up and prevent it from rotating off the device.

As a result, a terrible smell will normally be launched from the piled-up debris at the same time when the device is walking.

2. Clogged filters

Filters are the reason why dust, dirt or other debris do not break out back into the vacuumed location at the time when the gadget is strolling. They can also ensure that your vacuum does not end up with a health threat to you or your own family.

For this reason, they lure quite a few dust and dirt that could acquire over the years and cause clogging. The suction of the vacuum will now not be strong enough and it will stink whenever you vacuum if not unclogged.

3. Long Lasting Dust Inside the Canister

Bagless vacuums are recommended to be emptied when it’s one fourth full. So it does not permit the dirt to overstay or fill absolutely above the maximum line. It could begin to stink.

Some quantity of dust or particles can be released and returned into the air. The canister could be full and end up a fitness hazard.

Vacuum Cleaner Smelling Horrible? Follow these Steps

Procedures to follow when vacuum cleaner smells terrible.

You Can Unclog the Beater Brush

If the beater brush is clogged and no longer rotating, could be for puppy hair and different particles the usage of a seam ripper. Clean it gently in warm water with Baking Soda.

It is a natural product that can absorb moisture and trap odor. It will remove all the smell from the brush and leave it smelling fresh.

You Can alternate the filters

A couple of filters are washable while others aren’t. For cleanable filters, do away with them and wash lightly the use of undeniable water. Leave them to air dry for about one day.

For non cleanable items, they can be unclogged by blowing them gently using an air compressor. Filters generally wear out so they may no longer filter different particles as anticipated.

That can also cause a terrible odor. You may need to alternate them after every couple of years.

Neat the Vacuum’s Canister

After you’ve emptied the canister, have a combination of water and Baking Soda. You need to clean the canister lightly. Make certain that you must reach all inches.

Then rinse thoroughly with simple water. Then wipe with a dry material. depart the canister to air dry carefully for some time earlier than reassembling.

If you want to have a heady scent every time your vacuum is going for walks instead of the unbearable scent, herbal merchandise like critical oils and baking soda will let you acquire this.

Air Purifier for Bagless Vacuum Cleanser

That is an easy but effective hack to save you from your vacuum cleaner from releasing odor inside the air when in use. Use granules which include Vac-Yum vacuum granules.

It does not spoil down and is not powdery that allowing you to damage the vacuum. Now you can pour the granules on the ground then vacuum them up to get into the vacuum chamber or canister.

The granules are commonly scented and could act as air freshener whenever you vacuum.

Using of Essential Oils

Essential Oils

It has distinct scents consisting of eucalyptus, lemon, vanilla, strawberry, mint, and orange. The best component is that you may pick your preferred heady scent to make certain your own home smells clean at some stage in and after vacuuming.

The fragrances come in a percent of 4. Select the ones you like in the vacuum. Place about 6 drops of desired essential oil in a paper towel and place it within the filter cavity of the bagless vacuum cleaner.

The clean heady scent of the oil can be released all around your residence. You can place a few drops of oil at the filter to mask any bad smell.

Is baking soda harmful in your vacuum purifier?

baking soda

There are conflicting facts about whether or not baking soda is safe for a vacuum purifier or not. Some people propose to pour on the carpet rather than vacuuming it so that it gets into the bag to soak up the bad smell.

Cleaning experts have an exclusive opinion. Besides the capacity of baking soda to absorb smell, it could also without problems damage chemically your vacuum purifier.

When debris of the baking soda gets into the electric motor of the vacuum, it piles up in time. It can also clog the filters and have an effect on the capacity of the gadget to suction nicely.

How to Deep Clean Your Vacuum:

  • Check the brush.
  • Wash or update the filters.
  • Clean the Canister even if you empty your vacuum’s dust canister regularly, dust can nevertheless build up inside it over time.
  • Clear out the hose.


Can I put baking soda in my vacuum?

Baking soda is so small, it can fall under the carpet. Your vacuum purifier won’t get them. As the baking soda has absorbing odors, once it has the odor, you need to remove it. Or it’ll hold the smell there.

How to dispose of canine scent?

Vinegar is an exquisite natural cleaning alternative for puppy odors. Use vinegar in a twig bottle. Spray on carpets or floors. Or use in aggregate with Baking Soda on bedding for scent removing punch.

Can we place a dryer sheet in my bagless vacuum?

Put a dryer sheet into the vacuum bag for a sparkling scent all over the house. Warm air going into through the vacuum will launch the scent while your carpets.

Is it possible to give critical oils in my vacuum?

You can have preferred essential oil into your vacuum purifier bag. The motor will diffuse it around your house as you smooth it out. Consider it as an essential oil diffuser for a whole residence freshening.

Can you put air freshener in the vacuum cleaner?

Yes, while added nicely, scents can freshen your whole home. This will add a long lasting fragrance to your house’s air. Read the manual as all of the air fresheners do the same. 

How to make a pungent vacuum hose?

Make a solution of white vinegar & heat water & pour it via the vacuum hose in case you want to know the way to smooth a pungent vacuum hose. Let it settle down for 2 to 5 minutes earlier than rinsing it out. For sanitizing the whole thing of the vacuum hose, mix a solution of vinegar, heated water and Baking Soda.


In case your bagless vacuum cleaner smells bad, its filters are clogged. There is overstayed dirt in the canister. Or the beater brush is clogged. If you want to clean or trade the filters, Just empty it and clean the canister often and unclog the beater brush.

Use a vacuum cleaner deodorizer consisting of some drops of vital oil into the canister. Or use vacuum granules so that a clean scent could be launched into the air every time you vacuum.

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