Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like It’s Burning?

Is there any smell coming out of your vacuum like something burning? In that case, there could be something wrong happening inside the device. A vacuum purifier carries many parts working together to provide suction and get away dust, debris and dust from the flooring. 

When any trouble occurs through work using the vacuuming method. You can notice a burning odor that states that your equipment starts to fail to operate effectively.

Why Does Vacuum Smell Like Burnt Rubber?

The most common motive why the vacuum smells like smoke or burnt rubber is the burnt vacuum belt. It could also go through tearing, stretching or warmth blistering. It creates a burning odor like burnt rubber. 

When you have that scent, make sure to replace the belt to clear up the hassle and save you similar harm.

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Something Burning?

The belt is stretched worn-out or burned tired or snapped if you scent burnt rubber at the same time as vacuuming the floor. The belt could be overheated from the motor’s revolution per minute. 

By changing the vacuum belt you can remove that burning odor. The vacuum may emit a burning odor if particles lodged in the region between the belt and brush curler. 

Show off and unplug the equipment to cautiously pull the item from it. No operating brush curler could be the root cause for the burnt rubber smell as it is not turning or broken in half. 

The motor trouble is another cause of the burning scent. If you see that each brush curler & belt work nicely but still a burning odor nevertheless lingers, you can consider the defective motor may be in trouble. Touch an authorized carrier in the middle to investigate your vacuum purifier.

What happens if a Brand new Vacuum Smells Like Burning?

Burning scent that is coming from a vacuum cleaner isn’t always ordinary. You need to investigate the problem. If the new vacuum scent like burning, then do the following things:

Check if Any Hair has Gotten Tangled Within the Vacuum’s Rotary Brush

Hair that is wrapped around the rotary brush ends and pulled in the direction of the bearings could cause a burning odor. Give away with the hair as the friction towards it produces that burning scent.

Overall Belt Condition

A low grade rubber belt may drop into pieces of the rubber resulting in a scent of something that is burning while the vacuum is running. The belt in general controls the rotation of the rotating brush. Smell from the belt will motivate the curler brush in it not for within the unusual situation. 

In return, it will be noticeable that the odor of burning is the friction between the curler brush and rubber belt. Always unplug your vacuum from the strength tiredlet and open it up for checking whether it is the belt that is with any difficulty condition. 

For this purpose a screwdriver is needed. Now you can open the device up and check whether the belt is in a good situation or in a bad condition. If only the belt that is generating the smell, probabilities are you are required to contend the scent until you need to update it. It is a good habit to test the belt once in a while and exchange it every time when you come across a problem like it. 

A good time to trade the belt is every three months. Do it in case you use it regularly in day to day activities. Move for a metal rubber belt this is quite long lasting and hasslefree. This will cost more than usual ones.

Check from Time to Time if there is any Smoke

There are numerous things that can promote a vacuum to smoke. It could be a lighted cigarette bud that is stuck inside the bag of the cleaner or sucked into the appliance. 

The drive belt may be jammed or the electric motor ran too hot to give smoke.

Particles that is Clogged into the Compartment of the Cleaner

A vacuum can store a large amount of dirt. If the debris causes trouble, check the rotating brush for any kind of clogging that can create smoke. That is a common problem in coping with grimy carpets. 

There could be some tiny pieces of rugs in between the roller blade and the belt of the device. Clean the debris more earlier than intending with the cleaning time.

Feel if the Wall Plug or the Cable is Warm

A too much exhausted motor normally may be a reason for a warm wall plug or cable. It could be that there is an unfastened connection within the main line or the vacuum cable. Have a look at whether the cable wires are held tights in the plug terminals to solve the issue.

Motor issue

Motor is one of the serious motives that a vacuum will produce a burning scent. You can see smoke if it is going on for a prolonged time. A motor produces a burning smell if there are obstructions in the vacuum’s filters within the unit. 

Any feasible motive is the vacuum bag being too complete. To solve the issue, you can empty the vacuum bag if it is complete and clear the filters. The motor can also produce a burning odor if its components are overworking. The overworking motor will be due to wires in the vacuum and the wall socket that is being free. 

You may need an electrician to help you check it. The mains power delivered might be too much. The vacuum wires should be free. Always recall to interchange off the strength supply earlier than checking for any of this.

A Burning Cigarette is a Problem

If you are a smoker and see smoke coming out of your vacuum with the smell of burning, check for a cigarette butt in the vacuum cleaner. For the reason you didn’t correctly snuff the cigarette butt & it receives into the vacuum, it might scent like it’s burning. 

It could be the reason why you stumble on the smell of burning out of the vacuum. You should always have a proper way of doing away with burning cigarette butts. It is not wise to throw them on the floor. Don’t use the vacuum to gather them. 

If so, make sure the cigarette butt isn’t nevertheless on fire.

Issues With the roller Blade of the Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner rollerblade is one of the most critical elements of a vacuum that pushes dust into the vacuum. If it has a problem, you will obviously maximum in all likelihood. The smell of something burning can be the signal that there is a problem with the curler brush. A rug would have gotten caught inside it. 

For testing, unplug the vacuum from the electricity tiredlet. Open it up and take a look at it. If there is a hassle, exchange it. A vacuum purifier expert may assist you in case you don’t recognize how to do it.

To Restore and Fasten Vacuum Cleaner Electricity Twine

If the plug is still hot, you can check whether there is a tight connection between the socket and the plug. Plug the vacuum into a one of a kind socket to diagnose the difficulty and seek assistance from an experienced electrician or take it to the vendor.

You should Regularly Clean a Bagless Vacuum

Always the vacuum’s hose and canister should be neat and clean. Rinse them with water and allow the filters to air dry.  Dry steel or plastic components with a smooth cloth.

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Why Does Bissell Vacuum Smell Like Burning Rubber?

It could smell like burnt rubber for a broken belt, hair or fur that has stuck around the rotary brush. If so, then unplug the vacuum and wait for the rotary brush to stop spinning.

Why Does Shark Vacuum Smell Like Burning Rubber?

The root cause why the Shark vacuum emits a scent like a burning rubber is an object could be sucked. Or the belt is broken. Excess fur or hair into the curler brush can be the cause for this trouble.

Why Does My Dyson Vacuum Smell Like Burning Rubber?

In case Dyson vacuum has a damaged belt, it might be able to motivate a burning smell. Burning odor like burnt rubber is produced by way of tearing, stretching or a warm blistering belt. Make sure to replace the belt as quickly as possible.


Odor like burnt rubber in the course of the vacuuming system is a serious indication that there is something wrong with the vacuum. The belt either suffered from the tearing, heat or stretching. 

Any kind of hair around the rotary brush, motor problems could be the perpetrator as well. Diagnose the hassle yourself or contact with an expert technician.

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