How to Use a Vacuum to Clean Carpets Well – Know the Secrets 2023

Carpets can transform a house into a cozy and inviting home. Keeping Clean Carpets fresh can be a challenge. The trusty vacuum cleaner is the go-to tool for maintaining carpet cleanliness, but are you using it to its full potential? Vacuuming may seem straightforward, but there’s an art to it that can make a world of difference in the cleanliness and longevity of your carpets. 

In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to ensure you’re not just vacuuming your carpets but doing it right. From the basics to some pro tips, we’ll help you master the art of using a vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning. 

First of all, you will know before vacuuming the carpet what you should do.

What Is The First Thing To Do Before Vacuuming A Carpet?

What Is The First Thing To Do Before Vacuuming A Carpet

Before cleaning a carpet, the most important thing to do is to set up the area so that it can be cleaned well. Start by removing any toys, shoes, papers, or other small items that could get in the way of the vacuum from the carpet’s surface. Also, it’s important to look for bigger things like: 

  • Coins, 
  • Paperclips, or 
  • Hairpins 

That could damage the brush or tip of the vacuum cleaner. If you need to, move light furniture like chairs or small tables to get to all parts of the carpet. It’s best to empty the trash when it’s about two-thirds full to keep the sucking power strong when using a vacuum without a bag. If a normal vacuum bag is more than 50% full, it can lose up to 80% of its suction power.  

Note: If you loss your vacuum suction power, but now you wnat to increase, we have another post for how to increase suction power of your (shark) vacuum, please ge there.

want to increase your vacuum suction power,

This first step makes sure that the vacuum cleaner can work well.

Next, you will know what you will need to clean the carpet.

What You Will Need to Clean – (4 Tools)

After that, you’ll know the proper way to vacuum your carpet with your best vacuum

How to Clean Carpet with Vacuum Cleaner – Just 7 Steps  

5 Things Not to Do When Cleaning Carpets with Your Vacuum 1

Below, we are providing some essential steps for vacuuming the House carpet—the Right Way!

Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

I have already told you what to do before starting the work. So, let’s begin the main process. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is ready to use. Then, Plug it into a nearby electrical outlet and ensure it is turned on. If your vacuum cleaner has a dustbin, check that it is empty. If using a vacuum bag, make sure the bag is not too full or clogged. Also, take a moment to inspect the vacuum cord for any damage.

Attachments and Settings

Most vacuum cleaners come with different attachments and settings. You will initially use the main floor nozzle or brush attachment for basic carpet cleaning. Check if your vacuum cleaner has a height adjustment feature. Set it to the right level for your carpet if it does. There may be labels for low-pile, medium-pile, or high-pile carpets. If you are unsure, take a look at the Tahel Just Vacuum user manual.

Vacuum Thoroughly

Starting in one part of the room, move across the carpet. Imagine dividing the room into sections and cleaning one section at a time. Hold the vacuum cleaner’s handle and gently push it forward while slowly walking behind it. As you push it forward, the vacuum picks up dirt and debris. Then, pull it back towards you. This slow back-and-forth motion ensures thorough cleaning. Make sure to overlap each pass slightly with the previous one to cover the entire area.

Empty the Dustbin or Replace the Bag

Check the trash or box periodically if your vacuum doesn’t have a bag. When it’s about two-thirds full, empty it out to keep the pulling power strong. If your vacuum has a bag, change it when it gets full or looks like it or signs it is being stuck. A full load bag can reduce the vacuum’s efficiency.

Spot Cleaning (if necessary)

Inspect the carpet for spills or stains before you begin cleaning. If you see any, you should deal with them before you vacuum. If so, use a stain remover made for your type of carpet. Follow the stain cleaner’s instructions and wait for it to dry completely before cleaning.

Clean the edges

Use your vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool or a smaller extension to clean the borders, corners, and edges of the room. Over time, dust and dirt tend to gather in these places, so don’t forget to clean them. 

Maintenance and Storage 

After finishing your vacuum session, performing some maintenance on your vacuum is important for good performance. As needed, you can clean or change the filters in the cleaner. Store your vacuum in a dry, cool place. Keep all its parts organized and within easy reach for next time cleaning.

Now you will know about 5 things you should not do when vacuuming carpet.

5 Things Not to Do When Cleaning Carpets with Your Vacuum

Don’t push too hard

You don’t have to push very hard when you vacuuming. If you press down too hard, you can damage the carpet and make your vacuum less effective.

Don’t rush

Slow and steady passes are more effective than quick ones. Give the vacuum time to pick up dirt and debris.

Don’t neglect maintenance

Clean or replace the vacuum filters often, empty the trash, or change the bag when it gets full.

Avoid the wrong attachments

Make sure you’re using the appropriate attachment for your carpet type to avoid damage.

Don’t vacuum wet areas

Vacuum cleaners are not made to clean with water. If you spill something on the carpet, use a clean cloth to soak it up and, if necessary, a carpet cleaner.

After that, you will learn some FAQs on using a Vacuum to Clean Carpets Well

Common Questions and Answers

How often should I vacuum the carpet?

How often you should vacuum your carpet relies on things like how often people walk on it if you have pets, and if anyone in your family has allergies. Here are some general rules to follow:

  • High-traffic areas: Weekly or more.
  • Moderate-traffic areas: Every one to two weeks.
  • Low-traffic areas: Every two to three weeks.

how to choose a vacuum for carpet cleaning

Keep things simple when looking for a hoover to clean your carpet. First, check to see if it works with your type of carpet, such as low-pile or high-pile. Make sure it can pick up dirt and other things well. To keep the air clean, look for filters like HEPA. Attachments are essential, so choose one with the necessary tools, like a brush for deep cleaning or a crevice tool for corners. 

Choose whether you want one with bags or without, think about the length of the cord, and look for something easy to move, especially if you have stairs. Also, consider how loud it is and read reviews to find out what others think. Last, stay within your limit. That’s all you need to do to find the right carpet cleaner.

Lastly, we are going to the conclusion.


In wrapping it up, remember that using a vacuum to clean your carpets well is simple once you know the basics. Regular (maintain vacuum) cleaning, adjusting settings, and choosing the right machine make all the difference. With these simple steps, you can keep your floors looking great and your home healthy. So, get your vacuum ready, follow these tips, and enjoy cleaner, fresher carpets in no time. Happy cleaning!

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