When Should Setting The Filter Be On Vacuuming A Pool – 5 Easy Steps

Can you know when should setting the filter be on vacuuming a pool? Let’s know how to -Cleaning your pool using a vacuum is an easy and effective technique to remove dirt and debris. Sometimes, even if you have an automatic pool cleaner, it’s best to get in there with a good old-fashioned manual pool vacuum and clean the walls and floor. Vacuuming may take a little time, but it’s well worth it due to the many advantages it provides.

A manual pool vacuum is an essential piece of equipment for anyone with a pool. There are many things, like algae blooms, that your automatic pool cleaner can’t fix. Shocking your pool is essential for treating algae, do it; it’s not hard. You need the right vacuuming technique and a few key tools.

What Setting To Vacuum Above Ground Pool?

When there is only a little bit of silt in the pool, use the “Filter” setting. The pool’s total volume of water maintains because all used water recycles back into it.

The filter valve should leave in its default “Filter” position for regular vacuuming. With this setup, contaminated vacuum water sends to the pool filter for purification. Before returning to the pool via the return lines.

How To Vacuum A Pool Manually! 5 Easy Steps To Do!

How To Vacuum A Pool Manually

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment before you begin vacuuming your pool. All right, here’s everything you’ll have to get going:

  • Telescoping pole with vacuum attachment
  • Vacuum hose
  • Electron microscope with vacuum plate

If you gathered the above pool vacuum Equipment, now you are ready, Let’s go next step.

Easy Vacuum 5 Steps:

The time to begin is now that you prepare with all you need. If you want to vacuum your in-ground pool or above-ground, here are the procedures to take:

Step 1: Put Your Pool Vacuum Together

It’s a breeze to carry out this procedure. snap the vacuum head onto the end of your extension pole.

Step 2: Join The Vacuum Hose

Join the vacuum’s head to the hose. Then, using the vacuum plate, join the opposite end to your skimmer. It’s important to remove the skimmer basket before doing anything else.

Step 3: Adjust The Filter Valve To Your Preference

When doing minimal vacuuming, leave the Filter setting on your multiport valve filter. In the case of larger tasks and greater volumes of debris, the Waste setting on your filter system will direct the water down. The drains are without passing through the filter.

Step 4: Get The Vacuuming Underway

Make slow, linear passes with the cleaner, like you, would with a real vacuum on a rug. The pump strainer may need to empty if the pool is particularly soiled. To completely clear the pool floor of debris, you may need to repeat this step several times.

Step 5: Change The Settings For The Filters And Do One Last Cleanup.

You can turn off the vacuum and remove the hoses once the pool is clean. Please restore the original settings for the filter pump if you have modified them. Additionally, the skimmer’s base should be empty. To complete the cleaning process, you can use a brush on the end of your telescopic pole to scrub the pool’s floor and walls.

What Setting To Vacuum The Pool With A Sand Filter?

What Setting To Vacuum The Pool With A Sand Filter

When getting a pool built or buying a home with an existing pool, learning how to vacuum the pool will be one of the most vital skills to get. A vacuum head, a pool pole, and a vacuum hose are all you need to vacuum a sand-filtered pool. To use the vacuum, you must attach the hose to the pool’s suction side. Then, working slowly, slowly move the vacuum along the pool’s bottom, sucking up the grime as you go. Use the step-by-step guide below for full instructions. It mostly works for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

  • You can get rid of any dust or debris that may have settled on the pool’s walls by brushing them. Swimming laps are a great way to become in shape.
  • Carefully remove as much of the larger debris from the pool’s bottom as you can with the pool net.
  • You need to wait an hour after using the pool net before entering the water again.
  • Join the suction hose to the pool cleaner and secure the cleaner to the pole.
  • If you want to get rid of any remaining air in the pool, feed the rest of the hose down into the water at a 45-degree angle.
  • If it isn’t already in the filter option, press down on the handle to switch to it.
  • Start the vacuuming process by dragging the vacuum gently around the pool floor. Make an effort to be as gentle as you can.
  • Finally, turn off the horse and remove the vacuum from the pool’s filtration system.

Do You Vacuum A Pool On Backwash Or Waste It?

Do You Vacuum A Pool On Backwash Or Waste It

On backwash, you can use a vacuum in a pool. But it’s like vacuuming to stop wasting. A reverse hose would allow water to pump through a filter in reverse.

When the backwash position of the multiport valve is selected, water pump into the sand filter’s drain.

You can switch the vacuum to its waste setting if the pool is extremely filthy. A period of extreme weather caused a lot of debris to fall into the pool.


Do You Vacuum A Pool On Backwash Or Filter?

After vacuuming your pool, you should definitely backwash it. Though theoretically possible, vacuuming a pool on backwash is the same as vacuuming to waste. When you do this, the filter will expel the dust and particles you’ve just vacuumed up. If you’ve just finished backwashing your filter, give it a quick 30-second rinse with the “wash” setting.

Should I Run A Pool Filter While Vacuuming?

It will mostly depend on how dirty your pool is. You can leave it on the “Filter” setting if you’re just cleaning up small pieces of dirt. The filter’s “Waste” setting allows you to skip the filter. During pool vacuuming, if the pool’s water is particularly dirty.

What Speed Should My Pool Pump Be On For Vacuum?

The RPM in vacuum conditions should be significantly lower and may calculate. The speed of the pump must be set so that the water valve gauges show 17 to 25 psi and the pool is clean. A single-speed pump is the first type of pool pump. These always run at 3450 RPM, which is the full horsepower speed, and the speed can’t change.

What Position Setting The Filter Be On Vacuuming A Pool?

The filter valve should leave in its default “Filter” position for regular vacuuming. With this setup, contaminated vacuum water sends to the pool filter for purification. Before returning to the pool via the return lines. When there is only a little bit of silt in the pool, use the “Filter” setting.

Setting The Filter Be On Vacuuming A Pool – Easy Way


It’s true that vacuuming an above-ground pool isn’t particularly challenging, but there is a proper and improper way to go about doing it. In most cases, weekly vacuuming of the pool recommend. If there is a lot of dirt, leaves, or other material on the pool floor, you should give it a good vacuuming.

The results of going about it the wrong way might be disastrous for an above-ground pool. When it comes to this crucial aspect of pool upkeep, doing things properly will save you both time and work.

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