How to Vacuum a Pool Using a Skimmer – Best Guide 2023

Keep your pool clean and clear if you want to swim in it and have a refreshing and fun time. One effective way to keep your pool clean is to learn how to use a skimmer to clean it. This simple but powerful method has many benefits, such as; 

  • Getting rid of dirt, 
  • Garbage, and 
  • Leaves in the water, 
  • Avoiding jams in your pool’s filter system, etc. 

Proper skimmer use ensures that your pool water remains clean and safe. You might be thinking, How would you do this vital task? 

Don’t worry! Today’s post: I will tell you the details 

This guide will show you how to use a skimmer to clean your pool, helping you keep your oasis in great shape all summer.

First, you should know details about the skimmer and how it works.

What does a pool skimmer do?

What does a pool skimmer do

The primary function of a pool skimmer is to pick up trash from the pool’s surface

This includes

  • Leaves, 
  • Bugs, 
  • Sticks, and
  • Anything else that ends up in the water. 

This simple-looking work is essential because it keeps biological matter from sinking to the bottom of the pool. Doing this ensures that your pool’s cleaning system doesn’t have to work as hard, keeping the water clear and attractive.

  • A pool skimmer works in collaboration. It works hand in hand with your pool’s filtration system. The skimmer takes care of the bigger particles on the top, while the pool filter catches the smaller particles floating in the water. The skimmer and the filter work together to ensure the water in your pool stays clean and clear.
  • Some more modern pool skimmers have built-in chlorine generators. These gadgets not only pick up trash, but they also help keep your pool clean overall. By putting chlorine into the skimmer, these systems help keep your pool water clean and safe for swimming by controlling the chemical balance in the water’s health.

Finally, it must be said that the following skimmer works:

  • Cleans and clears the pool water
  • It keeps garbage from filling up the filter system, making the pool pump last longer.
  • It makes cleaning the pool easy.
  • Fewer additives are needed.

Now, it’s time to connect the pool vacuum to a skimmer.

How Do You Connect The Pool Vacuum To The Skimmer (8 Steps)

Here are eight steps to connect and use the pool vacuum to the skimmer. Hopefully, if you can follow the whole thing, Tahel will be a success from start to finish.

Here is an infographic for your better understanding; take a look.

How Do You Connect The Pool Vacuum To The Skimmer

Step 1: Prepare the Vacuum Head 

Start by gathering the tools you’ll need. Attach the head of your pool cleaner, which usually has bristles or brushes on the bottom, firmly to one end of a telescoping stick. With this stick, you can move the vacuum head across the top of the pool. Be sure the vacuum head is securely attached to the stick so it doesn’t fall off while you’re cleaning.

Step 2: Prepare the Hose 

Next, you’ll need to prepare the vacuum hose. This hose moves water, dirt, and waste from the pool to the cleaner. Connect the vacuum line to the vacuum head at one end. It is important to make sure this link is tight and safe so that air doesn’t get into the system. 

Step 3: Prime the Hose 

Before connecting the vacuum hose to the skimmer, it’s essential to prime the hose. This means getting rid of any air that is stuck in the hose. To do this, put the vacuum head and hose entirely under the water in the pool. Hold the whole thing together and move it slowly underwater until all the air bubbles come from the hose. This step ensures the vacuum works well and doesn’t stop because of air spots.

Step 4: Locate the Skimmer

The skimmer is an essential part of the cleaning system for your pool. It is usually on one side of the pool and resembles a basket or box. Its primary role ( Although mentioned above) is to remove dirt and trash from the surface water of the pool. To connect the vacuum line to the skimmer, you will need to get to it.

Step 5: Attach the Hose to the Skimmer 

Right now, connect the vacuum line/ hose to the skimmer. Put the end of the vacuum line not attached to the vacuum head into the hole on the skimmer. Depending on how your pool is made, you may need to put a little pressure on it to make sure it fits well. This connection lets the vacuum pull water and waste from the pool into the skimmer, which is the first step in cleaning the pool.

Step 6: Seal the Skimmer (Optional) 

Some pool equipment comes with additional components, like; 

  • Skimmer plate or 
  • A vacuum adapter. 

These accessories can be used to block the flow of water from the skimmer to the main pool filter. By doing this, the water goes through the vacuum instead, which increases its sucking power and how well it cleans. If you have these parts, follow the guidelines from the maker to put them on.

Step 7: Turn On the Pump 

With all connections securely in place, it’s time to turn on the pool pump. The suction created by the pool pump handles draws water and particles into the skimmer. This is where the cleaning begins.

Step 8: Begin Vacuuming 

Using the telescoping stick to handle the vacuum head, move the head across the pool’s surface to start cleaning. Start at one end of the pool and work your way around it to cover the whole area. Extending your strokes, you won’t miss any spots, especially those that are hard to reach near the walls or sides of the pool. As you move the head of the cleaner, it will pick up dirt and other things from the pool floor.

Moving slowly will provide better outcomes and save time in the long run. As a result of your rapid speed, you are stirring up dirt that will eventually settle.


  • Don’t use the pool cleaner if there isn’t any water. This can hurt the pump or other equipment.
  • When connecting the vacuum hose to the skimmer, avoid using too much force. This could damage the skimmer or the vacuum line.
  • Everytime, follow what the company that made your pool cleaner says to do.
  • Keep kids and dogs away from the pool area while the vacuum runs for safety.

Now you will know some common questions and answers.

FAQs On Vacuuming a pool using a skimmer

Should I vacuum the pool before or after adding chemicals?

The pool should be vacuumed before the chemicals are added. The effectiveness of chemicals is enhanced by preliminary leaf and dirt removal.

Why Is My Pool Skimmer Not Working: What’s Happening?

If your pool skimmer isn’t working, it can be the reason; 

  • Clogged Skimmer Basket
  • Skimmer Weir Problems
  • Air Leaks
  • Clogged Pipes
  • Water Level
  • Skimmer Suction Adjustments

Make sure to clean the skimmer basket and check for any broken parts.

Can I use a manual skimmer with an above-ground pool?

Yes, a manual skimmer can be used in an above-ground pool or in-ground pool. Use a net or a vacuum on a stick to pick up trash from the water’s surface. It’s a simple way to clean your pool.

Video on using a skimmer

Finally, we are going to the Final Say.


Using a pool skimmer is an integral part of keeping a pool clean that shouldn’t be skipped. Following these steps and cleaning your pool regularly, you can have a clean, welcoming pool for the whole season. Remember that a well-kept pool looks nice and helps you and your family swim healthily.

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