Why Does My Shark Robot Vacuum Side Brush Stuck – Solve It By Yourself

Is the side brush in your Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaner getting stuck repeatedly? But you don’t understand why its side brush stuck. Yes! You have come to the right place. Welcome to today’s post. What happened? Are you wondering? Hmm! Many people like you have faced this problem, so we have brought the best solution for you and them today.

This comprehensive guide today will explain the two main reasons behind this problem. We will also provide solutions to help your Shark Robot Vacuum run smoothly.

So, let’s get started.

At first, you will know the main reasons for your shark robot vacuum side brush stuck.

2 Main Reasons Your Shark Robot Vacuum Stuck

Shark Robot Vacuum Side Brushes can get stuck for two reasons;

  1. Obstructions
  2. Technical Problems
Illustration depicting the two main reasons why a Shark robot vacuum can get stuck

Accumulated Debris or Obstructions

Dust, dirt, pet hair, poop out, and other things can gather around the side brush and its parts over time. As debris builds up, it can make it hard for the side brush to move, which can cause it to get stuck. This is a common issue, especially in homes with shedding pets or in high-traffic areas.

Foreign Objects

While debris buildup is a common cause, foreign objects can also lead to obstructions. Please look below; 

Small Objects

Small things like toys, hairpins, or even coins can get dropped on the floor by accident. If these things are in the way of the robot vacuum, they might get picked up and get stuck in the side brush.

Cables and Wires

Loose cables or wires on the floor can pose a significant risk. If the vacuum rolls over them, cables can become entangled with the side brush. As a result, it leads to a stuck brush and, in some cases, damage to the cables.

Area Rugs and Fringes

Area rugs with fringes or loose threads can also be problematic. The side brush may catch these threads, causing them to wind around the brush and obstruct its movement.

Technical Problems

Motor Malfunctions

Another reason a vacuum’s side brush is not working or getting stuck is a problem with the motor. It cannot provide the power required to drive the side brushes. This can cause the (shark vacuum) brush to get stuck or not spin properly.

Electronic Glitches 

It is important to remember that technical problems can also arise from electronic components in a vacuum. Faults in sensors, control boards, or software can disrupt the vacuum’s normal operation, including side brush movement.

Battery Problems

A low or failed battery can cause the robot vacuum to operate erratically. In some cases, the vacuum may not have enough power to rotate the side brush effectively. This causes it to get stuck, but don’t worry; you can charge ( robot vacuum) for 2-3 hours for this problem.

Mechanical Failures 

Components within the vacuum’s drivetrain or gearbox may experience wear and tear over time. These failures affect the side brush’s ability to function correctly.

Sensor Issues 

Some robots rely on vacuum sensors to detect obstacles and (robot vacuum) navigate around them. If these sensors are faulty, the vacuum can collide with objects, potentially jamming the side brushes.

Now you will know, how you can solve the above problems by yourself.

What Should You Do If Your Vacuum Side Brush Gets Stuck – (6 Solutions)

What to Do If Your Side Brush Gets Stuck - 6 Solutions

  • Before your vacuum starts vacuuming, remove the obstructions above. You remove toys on the floor, plastic, glass, stone, iron, etc. with your own hands.
  • If you notice large debris or objects stuck to the brush, use a sharp object to untangle the brush.
  • After you clean your site brush of dirt, don’t forget to check that it is working properly.
  • If a motor fault is confirmed, we suggest you contact the manufacturer’s customer service.
  • For mechanical faults, we recommend that you reset your robot vacuum. Especially when you run into a major mechanical problem such as software issues, sensor issues, noise, vibration, or even movement, etc., due to this problem, you should reset it first; then, it will be fixed.
  • If you understand that the vacuum is stuck due to the sensor’s dirt, remember to clean the dirt regularly. But always clean the sensor every 1 to 2 weeks for best results.

Next, you will know some FAQs on shark robot vacuum side brush stuck.

FAQs On Shark Robot Vacuum Side Brush Stuck

How often should I clean the side brush?

Cleaning the side brush after each use is recommended to prevent issues.

Will cleaning the side brush improve vacuum performance?

Yes, a clean side brush ensures optimal cleaning performance and prevents further problems.

Is it common for side brushes to wear out?

Yes, side brushes can wear out over time due to continuous use. Regular maintenance can extend their lifespan. If it wears out, you must replace the side brush, but do you know ” How to Replace Shark AI Robot Vacuum Side Brushes? For more details, visit the link.

Video on Shark Robot Vacuum Side Brush Stuck

Lastly, we are going to the final say.


A stuck side brush on your Shark robot vacuum can be a small problem. But with step, it’s easy to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. Regular maintenance and awareness of things that could get in the way will help your robotic vacuum run well, extend life, and keep your home clean and organized.

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