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Are you debating between purchasing a stick vacuum and an upright vacuum? It can do both jobs in cleaning your home. Are Stick Vacuums Better Than Upright? You can select the ideal one based on your needs. We’ll examine stick vacuums and upright vacuums in more detail. You can choose the best model for your lifestyle. Stick vacuums are lighter and more compact than upright models. They can fit into tight spaces. It can work under furniture or inside cabinets. Comes with various features, such as a cordless operation HEPA filter. Attachment for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

What type of vacuum is the best?

Choosing the ideal vacuum can be challenging. There are several models of vacuums. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages.

Upright and canister vacuums are the best choice for people who need suction power. But don’t mind the slight inconvenience. The specification can’t understand well without diving too deep. Stick vacuums are the most portable and convenient to store. Although they often have less power.

Upright vacuums

Upright vacuums

The cleaning head, dust container, and handle of the upright vacuum are all in one piece. They come in bagged and bagless varieties. Both corded and cordless variants are available.  Upright vacuums range in price from $50 to $500. The pricier models come with a ton of extra capabilities.

Upright vacuum pros

Upright vacuums have a large cleaning head. They are suitable for buildings like homes and offices. Upright vacuums have strong suction. They have no problem cleaning the trash. Which other vacuums can you find difficult?

Large dustpan of an upright vacuum. Which allows you to wait longer between emptying. Motorised brush rolls on most models are a further convenience. These properties make them perfect for removing tough grime and pet hair.

It is battery-free.

Effective cleaning.

Special benefits in carpet cleaning

Has improved filtration

There are tool attachments.

Upright vacuum cons

The main drawback of upright vacuums is their weight, which is one of the main advantages of their design. They can fit huge cleaning heads and powerful motors due to their size. This makes it difficult to move around. Additionally, they must have more storage room than stick vacuums.

1. Heavy and challenging to handle.

2. Larger sizes are challenging.

3. The cord can get tangled in furniture.

4. It May prevent you from going to certain places.

Best upright vacuums

Dyson Ball Animal 2: available at Bed Bath & Beyond

A powerful vacuum for the Dyson ball design. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 eliminates the downside by offering all the benefits of an upright vacuum.

Stick vacuums

Stick vacuums
Stick vacuums

Stick vacuums are stylish home gadgets. They have heads, motors, and dust collection chambers for cleaning. These are much more compact than uprights. Most high-quality stick vacuums cost between $100 and $400. There are several very affordable choices starting at $30. Some premium models can cost up to $700.

Stick vacuum pros

It is light and portable, making it simple to move. You can fit them behind couches and tables. It is almost completely flat. Due to their small size, they do not must much storage space. Both corded and cordless variants are available. This allows the motor and collection container to remove from the cleaning head. So that you can handle it by hand.

1. The power of the upright model will be comparable to the stick vacuum.

2. Stick vacuum can squeeze into small areas.

3. Stick vacuums used for quick cleaning jobs.

Stick vacuum cons

Stick vacuums are small, so there isn’t much room for dust chambers and powerful motors. They will need to empty more. The uprights and canisters will not be able to match the suction power of the vacuum.

1. Upright vacuums have low suction power. Only the most expensive stick vacuums can clean high piles.

2. No bar to beat.

3. Battery life: usually lasts 40 minutes. For larger accommodations, it has to be charged many times.

4. The tiny dust cup needs regular emptying.

Should you get an upright canister or a stick vacuum?

Depending on your needs, you can choose between an upright, canister, and stick vacuum. You should consider which qualities are most important to you. The best option for you is an upright one if you need it. This sometimes causes problems. Those who are powerful may want to think about a canister vacuum. A stick vacuum is smoother to maneuver despite having less powerful suction. Need something small and simple.




Stick vacuums weigh 3 to 8 pounds. Upright vacuums can weigh over 15 pounds.

The Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner measures 8.3 x 9.5 x 44.25 inches. The Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner weighs under four pounds.

But, the Clean View, Bissell’s most popular upright model, weighs more than 17 pounds. It measures 13 x 14 x 44.5 inches. The difference is obvious.

Winner: Stick Vacuums


An upright vacuum is the best vacuum for suction power. The average power of the top 5 most popular upright vacuums on Amazon is over 960W. The average power of the top 5 stick vacuums is 240W. The best upright vacuums for suction power are upright vacuums. The top 5 most popular upright vacuums on Amazon have an average power of more than 960W. The top 5 stick vacuums have an average power of 240W.

Winner: Upright Vacuums


The ease of use of stick vacuums is easy to assess. Stick vacuums were made for the user. Stick vacuums mean ease of use compared to other vacuums because they are small, light, and easy to handle.

You can’t imagine using an upright vacuum in some situations, like cleaning your automobile or cleaning many floors.

Winner: Stick Vacuums


What should you consider about canister vacuums?

Canister vacuums are generally more powerful than a stick and upright models. Provides flexibility. Provides more flexibility if you can separate the motor from the cleaning head. This allows you to use it for both carpeted and hardwood surfaces.

Which vacuums are better on hard floors?

Stick vacuums are generally a good choice for hard floors. Lightweight and can maneuver around tight spaces. Some models also come with special cleaning heads. That is designed to pick up dirt from hard surfaces.

Don’t stick vacuums run out of juice?

Yes, some models run out of juice after a few minutes. Most stick vacuums come with battery-saving features. So that the vacuum continues for a long time, it designs to ensure. It is important to look for models with long battery life before buying.

Stick Vacuums Better Than Upright


Choosing a stick or upright vacuum depends on your needs and lifestyle. Stick vacuums are lightweight and portable. Making them great for small spaces. With lower suction power than an upright vacuum. Upright vacuums have higher suction power. They could weigh a lot and must extra storage space. The decision comes down to personal preference and what best suits your lifestyle. Whatever type of vacuum you choose, read your budget and research models.

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