My Vacuum Smells Like Dog – 8 Reasons And How To Fix It

Turning on your trusty vacuum cleaner doesn’t smell very good and makes you think of your furry friend. You’re not the only one who has had that happen to them. Many of us use vacuum cleaners to keep our homes clean, but sometimes, they give off Vacuum Smells Like Dog that make us miss our pets.

This helpful guide will look at eight typical reasons for this: Pet hair, pet allergens, wetness from wet fur, mold and mildew, damp dirt, burned belts, trash buildup, and poor upkeep. Also, guess what? 

We’ll also give you easy ways to drop these smells so your vacuum can be your clean buddy who doesn’t smell bad. Even if you have pets, we offer solutions to keep your house smelling fresh.

To begin, let’s look at the top eight causes of canine vacuum odor.

8 Reasons Why Vacuums Smell Like Dog

8 Reasons Why Vacuums Smell Like Dog

Pet Hair

Sometimes, your vacuum cleaner will smell like a dog because of pet hair. If your pet sheds a lot, their hair will get stuck in the vacuum’s different parts when you clean your floors, making the mess smell bad.

Pet Allergens

Pet pollen and allergens are two other small things that can stick to the inside of your vacuum, along with pet hair. If you don’t handle these tiny particles right, they can worsen smells and allergies. You should use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to drop this, which is good at catching and holding these allergen-causing particles.

Getting Wet Fur Wet

If your dog’s fur gets wet from a bath or rain, it can make your vacuum smell (like fish) musty. Ensure your pet is thirsty before letting them back inside to avoid this. Also, be careful when you clean after your pet has been outside in the rain.

Mildew And Mold

Not only does the water smell bad, but it can also help mold and mildew grow in your vacuum. When you clean, these tiny living things can leave behind a musty and unpleasant smell. Place your vacuum somewhere dry and well-ventilated to avoid this. Also, clean and dry any parts that get wet, like the hoses and brushes.

Damp Dirt

If you just cleaned up dirt or other things your dog’s wet paws tracked in, the wetness can mix with the ground and make your vacuum smell (batter) bad. To solve this problem, you could put a rug near the front door and wipe your pet’s paws on it before they come inside. This can cut down on the amount of wet dirt that gets into your house by a lot.

Belt Was Burned

The belt that moves the brush roll often breaks on vacuums. If your vacuum belt gets too hot because of too much pet hair or some other reason, it might give off a burning smell that smells like a dog. Ensure the belt is in good shape and the brush roll is not clogged. To keep the belt from getting too hot, check it often and change it as needed.

Buildup Of Debris

Over time, things around the house, like pet hair, dirt, and even small things, can build up in your vacuum. This growth can make the machine smell bad every time you use it. Keep your device clean by giving it regular maintenance to keep this from happening. Clean and check the vacuum bin or bag, and empty it often.

Lack Of Maintenance

It may not smell good if you don’t regularly upkeep your vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum can smell like (vomit) your pet if you don’t clean or change the filters, empty the dust bag, and keep the parts clean. Clean your vacuum every time you use it or at least once a month, based on how often you use it.

Then, we discover a Seven Step Process for Deodorizing a Vacuum Cleaner.

How To Remove Bad Smells From Your Vacuum Cleaner (7 Method)

How To Remove Bad Smells From Your Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you know why your vacuum smells like a dog, it’s time to deal with the problem. Here are some valuable ways to get rid of those smells and enjoy a home that smells good again:

Take The Dust Bag Out And Empty It

The first and easiest thing to do is to regularly empty the vacuum’s dust bag or bin. Leaving dirt and pet hair behind can make smells that aren’t nice. Please put the trash in a bag that can’t be opened so it doesn’t escape and cause more odors.

Get The Filters Clean

The filters in your vacuum are what catch small bits and smells. Find the filters in your vacuum’s user manual and clean or change them as the maker directs. Before putting washable filters back into the void, they should be cleaned and left to dry completely.

Clean The Broom And Roll

The brush roll is another place where smells might build up. It gets dirty and full of pet hair, making it smell not good. Unplug and turn off your vacuum. Then, could you take off the brush roll to clean it? Use scissors or a brush to get rid of any pet hair and other things that are stuck. Regularly cleaning the brush roll will eliminate smells and improve the vacuum.

Clean The Hose

Vacuum cleaner lines can get dirty and wet, which can cause smelly problems. Take the hose off and wash it well with warm soapy water. Before putting it back in the vacuum, please rinse it and let it dry.

Put Baking Soda In It

Baking soda is a great natural way to get rid of smells. A lot of baking soda should be put in the dust bag or container before you clean. As you clean, the baking soda will help eliminate smells, leaving behind a more sterile smell. Make sure to keep replacing the baking soda so that it keeps working well.

Use Pure Essential Oils

Adding essential oils to your vacuum cleaner is a great way to make it smell nice. A cotton ball or a small piece of cloth should have a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Before you clean, put the scented item in the dust bag or filter container. The smell will spread through your home as air moves through the aromatic material.

Use Cinnamon

Not only does cinnamon naturally get rid of smells, but it can also help cover them up. Mix some ground cinnamon into the trash can or dust bag before you clean. Cinnamon’s sweet and spicy scent will fill the air, making your home warm and inviting.

Here are some frequently asked questions about my vacuum that smells like (burning) a dog.

FAQs On My Vacuum Smells Like Dog

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like A Dog When I Turn It On In My Vacuum?

Pet hair, dirt, or other things related to pets may have built up inside your vacuum, making it smell like a dog when you turn it on. These smells can enter your home through the warm air flowing through the cleaner. You can prevent this problem by constantly cleaning and keeping things.

How Can I Make My Vacuum Smell Better?

Putting baking soda, cinnamon, or aroma oils will smell better. Baking soda is excellent at eliminating smells; cinnamon and essential oils can make the air smell nice while you clean.

What Gets Rid Of The Dog Smell?

Baking soda, activated charcoal, or pet odor blockers are all things that can help get rid of dog smells in your home. These things are good at catching and getting rid of smells.

Why Does Cleaning Make My Room Smell Musty?

A musty smell in the room after vacuuming could be due to a dirty vacuum cleaner, mold or mildew growth in the vacuum. Or the release of odors that were trapped during the cleaning process. This problem can be fixed by cleaning and maintaining your machine regularly.

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Last Suggestion

Your vacuum cleaner might smell nice and clean, which is different from when your dog is outside. Please discuss the eight reasons we discussed and use our easy methods to do this. Remember to clean your vacuum often after using it to keep those (how do get rid) bad smells from coming back. Baking soda and aroma oils can also make your home smell good.

Even if you have a pet, these tips will keep your vacuum clean and free of smelly things. Your pet will be happy you vacuumed quickly because it will make the house smell nice and clean.

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