How To Use Intex Pool Vacuum – Achieve a Sparkling Pool

Keeping your pool clean and well-maintained is important for a fun and safe swimming experience. To make pool cleaning easier, Intex pool vacuums are here to help! These vacuums are designed specifically for Intex pools. They are really convenient to use.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with simple, step-by-step instructions. Especially on how to use an Intex pool vacuum. Whether you’re a new pool owner or want to improve your cleaning routine. We’ll cover How To Use Intex Pool Vacuum in this blog. This guide will show you how to keep your pool super clean. Let’s get started and make your pool sparkle! 

First of all, you will know the important parts of Intex pool vacuum.

Important Components of an Intex Pool Vacuum ( Key Parts)

Important Components of an Intex Pool Vacuum

An Intex pool vacuum is made up of three essential parts that work together to clean your pool. Let’s learn about each component:

Vacuum Head

The vacuum head is the part that does the cleaning work. It has brushes and suction openings that pick up dirt and leaves from the pool’s surface and bottom. When you move the vacuum head around, it collects all the yucky stuff from your pool.

Telescoping Pole

The telescoping pole is a long rod that you can make longer or shorter. It connects to the vacuum head and helps you reach all parts of your pool. So, even if your pool is big or has deep areas, the telescoping pole helps you clean it easily.

Vacuum Hose

The vacuum line links the head of the vacuum to the pool’s skimmer or water return outlet. It acts as a path for both suction and water flow, letting trash get sucked into the vacuum and ensuring water keeps flowing.

Skimmer Basket

The skimmer bin is inside the skimmer unit. Its function is to catch bigger pieces of debris like; 

  • Leaves
  • Sticks, and 
  • Bugs 

Before they get to the pool’s cleaning system, this keeps the vacuum from getting clogged up and keeps it working well.

Water Return Outlet

One end of the vacuum line is connected to the water return exit. It gives the vacuum the water flow it needs to make suction, which pulls dirt into the system.

Pool Filter

Even though it’s not part of the cleaner itself, the pool filter is an important part of the whole system that cleans the pool. The vacuum pressure pulls dirt into the filter, where it gets stuck and can’t get back into the pool.

Vacuum Plate Adapter (Optional)

A vacuum plate adapter comes with some Intex pool vacuums. This part connects to the skimmer bin and lets the vacuum link directly to the skimmer system, which makes it easier to clean.

Wheels or Rollers

There are wheels or rollers on the head of many Intex pool vacuums. These make it easy to move across the pool’s surface, ensuring it is covered and cleaned well.

Understanding these three parts will help you assemble and use your Intex pool vacuum.

It’s time to assemble the Intex pool vacuum.

Assembling the Intex Pool Vacuum

Let’s assemble the Intex pool vacuum. Follow these steps

Attaching the Telescoping Pole

Take the telescoping pole and attach it to the vacuum head. There is a special connection point where they fit together. Make sure it’s secure so that the pole and vacuum head stay connected during cleaning.

Connecting the Hose

Next, take the hose and connect it to the vacuum head. There is a fitting that matches the end of the hose. Push them together firmly to ensure a tight connection. This will allow the suction to work correctly.

Attaching the Skimmer Adapter

On the other end of the hose, there is a skimmer adapter. This special adapter is made to fit into the skimmer hole of your pool. Attach it securely to the end of the hose. This will create a pathway for the water and debris to flow into the vacuum.

Following these steps, you’ll have your Intex pool vacuum assembled and ready for use. In the next section, we’ll learn how to connect the vacuum to your pool and start cleaning!

Now you will know (another using) how to connect the vacuum to the pool.

How To Connect the Vacuum to the Pool

Connecting the Vacuum to the Pool

Now that the Intex pool vacuum is assembled, let’s connect it to your pool for effective cleaning.

Follow these steps

Removing the Skimmer Basket

Start by removing the skimmer basket from the skimmer. The skimmer is usually located on the side of your pool and collects debris from the water’s surface. Gently lift the skimmer lid and take out the basket. This will create space for the vacuum connection.

Inserting the Skimmer Adapter

Take the skimmer adapter, which is attached to the end of the hose, and insert it into the skimmer hole. The skimmer hole is where the skimmer basket is located. Make sure the adapter fits securely into the hole. It may require a slight twist or push to ensure a proper fit.

Ensuring a Tight Connection

Check that the skimmer adapter and the skimmer hole are tightly connected. This is important to maintain proper suction and prevent any leaks. Gently pull on it to make sure it doesn’t become loose. A secure connection will allow the vacuum to effectively collect debris from the pool.

By following these steps, you’ll have successfully connected the Intex pool vacuum to your pool. In the next section, we’ll learn how to operate the vacuum and start cleaning your pool.

Now you will know how to prepare the Intex pool vacuum properly.

How To Operating the Intex Pool Vacuum

Now, it’s time to clean your pool using the Intex pool vacuum. Follow these simple steps to make your pool sparkling clean:

Putting the Vacuum in the Water

Gently put the vacuum head into the pool water, ensuring it’s completely underwater. This helps remove any air inside the vacuum, so it works better.

Moving the Vacuum Slowly

Hold the free end of the telescoping pole and move the vacuum head slowly across the surface of the pool. Clean the whole pool by going from one end to the other. Remember to take your time and move at a steady pace.

Going Back and Forth

To pick up all the dirt, move the vacuum head back and forth. This way, you cover all the areas and collect as much debris as possible. Keep going back and forth while you clean the pool.

Cleaning Tricky Spots

Pay special attention to corners, steps, and other hard-to-reach spots in the pool. These places often collect more dirt, so make sure to spend extra time cleaning them properly.

Checking the Debris

While you’re vacuuming, keep an eye on the debris that’s getting collected. If your vacuum has a bag, empty it when it gets full. If you’re using a skimmer basket, make sure it doesn’t get too clogged with debris. This way, your vacuum will work well throughout the cleaning process.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to use the Intex pool vacuum and make your pool nice and clean. In the next section, we’ll learn how to take care of the vacuum for long-lasting performance.

After that, you will know 3 maintenance tips for this vacuum.

How to Cleaning and Maintenance – (3 Tips)

To keep your Intex pool vacuum in top shape, it’s important to clean and take care of it regularly. Here are the simple steps for cleaning and maintenance:

Emptying the Vacuum Bag or Cleaning the Skimmer Basket

When the bag is full or the skimmer basket is filled with debris, it’s time to empty and clean them. Carefully remove the bag or basket and get rid of the dirt. Rinse them with water to make sure they’re clean. This helps the vacuum work better next time.

Rinsing the Vacuum Head, Pole, and Hose

After each use, rinse the vacuum head, pole, and hose with clean water. This gets rid of any leftover dirt or residue. Rinse them well and let them dry before putting them away.

Storing the Intex Pool Vacuum

When you’re done using the vacuum, find a dry and safe place to store it. This protects it from getting wet or damaged. Proper storage keeps the vacuum in good condition and ready for the next time you need it.

By following these cleaning and maintenance steps, you’ll make sure your Intex pool vacuum works well and lasts a long time. In the next section, we’ll share some extra tips to help you clean your pool efficiently.

Additional Tips for Efficient Pool Vacuuming:

Additional Tips for Efficient Pool Vacuuming

Here are some extra tips to help you clean your pool more effectively:

Keep the Pool Filter Clean

Remember to inspect and clean the pool filter regularly. A clean filter helps the vacuum work better by removing dirt and debris from the water. Follow the instructions to clean or backwash the filter and maintain its performance.

Stick to a Vacuuming Schedule

To prevent too much dirt from building up, it’s important to vacuum your pool regularly. Set a consistent schedule for vacuuming, such as once a week. This way, you’ll keep your pool clean and make the vacuuming process easier each time.

Brush the Pool Before Vacuuming

Before using the vacuum, use a pool brush to scrub the walls and floor. This helps loosen any stubborn dirt or debris. By brushing first, you’ll make it easier for the vacuum to pick up the dirt and leave your pool looking clean.

Consider Using a Pool Water Clarifier

Using a pool water clarifier can improve the efficiency of your vacuum. It helps gather small particles, making them easier for the vacuum to remove. If you decide to use a clarifier, carefully follow the instructions for the proper amount to add.

By following these extra tips, you’ll make your pool vacuuming more efficient and keep your pool clean and enjoyable. Remember to take good care of your vacuum and stick to a regular cleaning routine for the best results. Enjoy your sparkling clean pool!

Now you will know some common questions on intex vacuum use

How do you manually vacuum an above-ground pool?

Get Your Stuff: You need a skimmer basket or vacuum plate, a long stick, a hose, and a vacuum head.

Set Up: Put the head of the cleaner on the pole. Join the vacuum head to one end of the line. Put the other end of the balloon in the pool to fill it with water and force the air out.

Start Vacuuming: Put the vacuum head and hose in the pool to start vacuuming. After getting rid of the air, connect the hose to the skimmer or vacuum plate.

Clean Up: To clean, move the head of the cleaner around the floor of the pool to pick up dirt. When it’s time, empty the skimmer or vacuum bin.

Clean Walls: Once the floor is clean, use a Vacuum brush or tools to clean the walls and steps.

Can I use the Intex pool vacuum for an in-ground pool?

Intex vacuums are for small pools that are set up above ground. They might not work well in bigger, more water-filled in-ground pools. Get a cleaner made for in-ground pools instead.

Video on How To Use Intex Pool Vacuum

Finally, we are going to the final message.


Maintaining a clean pool is important. An Intex pool vacuum helps with that. Here are the key points: Check and clean the pool filter regularly. Vacuum on a schedule to prevent dirt buildup. Brush the pool before vacuuming to loosen debris. Consider using a pool water clarifier. Assemble the vacuum by attaching the pole, hose, and skimmer adapter.

Connect the vacuum to the pool by inserting the adapter in the skimmer hole. Submerge the vacuum head and move it slowly across the pool. Pay attention to corners and hard-to-reach areas. Empty the bag or clean the skimmer basket as needed. Rinse the vacuum parts after use. Store it safely. Use the vacuum to enjoy a clean swimming experience. Hope you understand How To Use Intex Pool Vacuum in this blog. 

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