Unveiling the Mystery of the Shark Robot Vacuum Light Blinking

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is valuable, home jobs are often put on the back burner. Robotic vacuum cleaners come to the rescue, making our lives easy by cleaning our floors quickly and well with little help from us. Shark is a well-known name in the world of robotic vacuums.

Shark robot vacuums are known for their advanced features and cutting-edge technology. However, like any other electronic device, they can encounter issues from time to time. One common issue that Shark robot vacuum owners may face is the blinking of lights on their devices.

This detailed guide will go deep into the world of Shark robot vacuums and try to answer the confusing question, “Why is my Shark robot vacuum light blinking?” We will give you a complete account of the possible reasons and show you how to troubleshoot and fix these problems. So, let’s start!

First, you will know how your shark vacuum works.

How Does a Shark Robot Vacuum Work?

How Does a Shark Robot Vacuum Work

You know, understanding how your Shark Robot Vacuum (running) works is essential to get the most out of this smart cleaning device. Think of it as your trusted cleaning helper. 

First, it uses its sensors and cameras to plan the best way to clean your home by making a virtual model of it. Then it(shark robot vacuum) starts picking up poop out, dirt, trash, and even pet hair from your floors using brushes and pulling power. Its obstacle avoidance system is smart because it makes sure it goes around furniture and walls so it doesn’t run into them. When it feels that its battery is getting low, it goes back to its charging dock by itself. 

Also, if your model has Wi-Fi, you can control it and keep an eye on it from a mobile app. It’s like having a professional cleaner who does all the hard work for you and leaves your rooms clean with little work on your part.

Well, now you know how your shark vacuum works, so next, we will know about our main topic – why is my Shark robot vacuum light blinking? 

7 Reasons Your Shark Robot Vacuum Blinking Lights

If your Shark robot vacuum has a flashing light, it usually means that something needs your attention or that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. But what are the problems? Do you know?

For full details, please look below: 

7 Reasons Your Shark Robot Vacuum Blinking Lights

1. Battery Issues

One of the most common reasons why your Shark robot vacuum’s light blinks has to do with the battery. The battery indicator light may blink to indicate a low battery level or a charging problem

Here’s what you can do:

Low Battery

If the light blinks to indicate a low battery, the vacuum needs to return to its charging dock to recharge. Make sure the docking station is connected to a power source and that no obstacles are blocking the vacuum’s path to the dock.

Charging Issue

If the vacuum has trouble charging, make sure that the charging ports on both the vacuum and the dock are clean and free of dirt. Also, make sure the power source is working right by checking it.

Do you know what the lighting of the vacuum means?

  • Steady Red Light: The battery is low and needs charging.
  • Blinking Red Light: The vacuum is having trouble charging or cannot charge.
  • Steady Green Light: The battery is fully charged.
  • Blinking Green Light: There may be an issue with the battery or charging process.

2. Obstacle Detection

Shark robot vacuums have sensors that can find things in their way so they don’t run into them and cause damage. If the vacuum runs into something, it blinks its lights to let you know.

Stuck Object

If the vacuum sensors detect an object stuck in its (side) brushes or wheels, it will blink their lights to indicate that it needs assistance.

Blocked Path

Continuous blinking lights could mean that the vacuum cannot proceed due to a blocked pathway. Check for anything that might be stopping it from moving.

3. Error Codes

To make troubleshooting easier for users, Shark robot vacuums are equipped with error codes that correspond to specific issues. These error codes are conveyed through light patterns.


If the vacuum’s internal parts, like the motor or battery, get too hot, a blinking light may turn on as a safety measure.

Problems with the suction

Clogs in the trash or filters can cause error codes, shown by flashing lights.

4. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Many modern Shark robot vacuums offer Wi-Fi connectivity. So users to control and monitor their devices through a smartphone app. When there are problems with connections, lights blink. 

Some of the reasons are given below:

Wi-Fi Setup

When you first set up the vacuum or if your Wi-Fi network changes, the lights blink to let you know that it needs to be set up again.

Connection Loss

If the vacuum loses its connection to the Wi-Fi network, it may use blinking lights to signal the problem.

5. Maintenance Reminders

Shark robot vacuums need regular maintenance to function optimally. Some models use blinking lights to remind users when it’s time for specific maintenance tasks. Do you know what specific maintenance are?

Filter Replacement

 At the time your vacuum detects that its filter is clogged or needs replacement, it may blink its lights to remind you.

Brush Roll Cleaning

 Similarly, if the brush roll becomes entangled with hair or debris, the vacuum uses blinking lights to prompt you to clean it. Then, you have to clean or replace your shark robot vacuum (side) brush.

6. Hardware Issues

In some cases, the blinking lights indicate problems with the hardware. That needs to be fixed by a professional.

Sensor Malfunction

If one or more of the vacuum’s sensors malfunction, it leads to erratic behavior and blinking lights.

Motor or Battery Failure

Serious problems with the motor or battery can cause the lights to keep blinking and the vacuum to stop working.

7. Software Updates

Robotic vacuums, like other smart devices, receive periodic software updates. Because to increase their performance and characteristics. These updates may trigger temporary blinking lights.

Updating Process

During a software update, the vacuum may have moving lights to show that its software is being updated.

Above are the 7 reasons your vacuum light is warning you. So let’s now know about its solution

How to Troubleshooting Your Shark Robot Vacuum

Check the status of the battery

  • Put the vacuum on its charging station and make sure it’s connected properly.
  • Wait a few hours so that the vacuum can fully charge.
  • If the lights keep flashing, try cleaning the charge ports on both the vacuum and the dock.
  • If the issue keeps happening, you may need to change an old or worn-out battery.

Get rid of any obstacles

  • Turn off the vacuum and remove it from the dock where it charges.
  • Check the brush rolls, wheels, and sensors to see if anything is blocking them.
  • Carefully take out any dirt or other things that might be getting in the way of the vacuum’s movement.
  • Recheck the vacuum to see if the lights that are blinking go away.

Interpret Error Codes

  • Refer to the user manual or Shark’s official website to decode the meaning of the blinking lights.
  • Follow the recommended actions for the specific error code displayed.
  • If you cannot resolve the issue based on the error code, contact Shark customer support for assistance.

Check Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Check to see that your Wi-Fi network is working well.
  • Check that the app on your phone is the most recent version.

Do tasks for maintenance

  • The blinking lights will tell you if you need to clean or change the vacuum filters.
  • To get rid of any knots, take out the brush roll and clean it.
  • Empty the trash can and make sure it’s back in place correctly.
  • Run a maintenance cycle using the app or manual controls.

Check for updates to the software

  • If the blinking lights are caused by an update to the program, let the update finish.
  • During the update, make sure the vacuum is linked to a stable Wi-Fi network.
  • After the update is done, turn the machine back on.

By doing these repair steps, you can fix your Shark robot vacuum’s blinking lights and work it better than before.

Video on shark robot vacuum light blinking?

Lastly, we are going to the Final say.


The blinking lights on your Shark robot vacuum should no longer be a mystery. They serve as valuable indicators of various issues. Understanding the reasons behind these blinking lights empowers you to take the necessary steps.

Remember that regular maintenance and fixing problems right away can make your Shark robot vacuum last much longer. As well as make sure it keeps cleaning your floors with little trouble.

So, the next time you find yourself asking, “Why is my Shark robot vacuum light blinking?” you’ll be well-equipped to diagnose and address the issue. 

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